Preservation Needs

Another story

Assistant  	Good morning, sir.
Customer 	Good morning. Can you help me? Do you have a copy of         'Thirty Days In the Samarkand Desert with a Spoon' by A.E.J. Elliott?  
Assistant 	Urn ... well, we haven't got it in stock, sir.
Customer 	Never mind. How about 'A Hundred and One Ways to Start a Monsoon'?
Assistant 	... By ... ?
Customer 	An Indian gentleman whose name eludes me for the moment.
Assistant 	 I'm sorry, I don't know the book, sir.
Customer 	Not to worry, not to worry. Can you help me with 'David Copperfield'?
Assistant 	Ah, yes. Dickens ...
Customer 	No.
Assistant 	... I beg your pardon?
Customer 	No, Edmund Wells.
Assistant 	... I think you'll find Charles Dickens wrote 'David Copperfield', sir.
Customer 	No, Charles Dickens wrote 'David Copperfield' with two 'p's.     This is 'David Coperfield' with one 'p' by Edmund Wells.
Assistant  	(a little sharply) Well in that case we don't have it.
Customer 	Funny, you've got a lot of books here.

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