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    Africa 2009: Conservation of Immovable Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa
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    13, Via San Michele
    00153 Rome
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    The Programme Objective of AFRICA 2009 is: increased national capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa for management and conservation of immovable cultural heritage. Outputs The programme will achieve the following four Outputs by its conclusion in 2009: national awareness as a means of promoting political, institutional, financial, and community commitment; trained national professionals and other skilled persons involved in the conservation and management of the immovable cultural in the participating countries; an active network for exchange of information and experiences; effective and efficient management and implementation of the programme. The target audiences for AFRICA 2009 include: professionals and craftsmen whose actions impact the planning, management, conservation, and maintenance of immovable cultural heritage; communities, including women, youth, and other stakeholders, who are located in or near immovable cultural heritage sites; politicians and policymakers who make decisions on conservation of immovable cultural heritage; training institutions and trainers.
  • Types of agencies funded:

    Cultural heritage site
  • Types of needs funded:

    Conservation supplies and equipment
    Personnel training