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    Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida
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    Asiatisk Plads 2
    DK-1448 Copenhagen K
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    Burkina Faso
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    Public and community libraries as gateways to information highways and in support of education in Africa Ð UNESCO The project aims at defining and testing an innovative model by which African public libraries can use information and communication technologies to provide information and education support for community development. The project is part of the interagency multipurpose community telecentre (MCT) pilot projects in Africa (IDRC and the ITU as principal partners and British Council, CIDA, FAO, UNDP and WHO in specific countries), within the wider framework of the AfricaÕs Information Society Initiative and the UN-System-wide Special Initiative on Africa, The Danish support to this interagency project is channelled through the Framework Agreement between Denmark and UNESCO. Danida web site: In the coming years Denmark's bilateral development cooperation will be concentrated on fifteen programme countries. The distribution of Danish assistance between the individual countries will be evaluated on an ongoing and consistent basis against the background of developments in the cooperation and the will and capacity of the partners to implement a sustainable, poverty-oriented development process based on good governance and respect for human rights. In practice, the assistance will be distributed between a group of six countries with relatively large and ambitious assistance programmes, first and foremost Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Ghana, Bangladesh and Vietnam, all of which will receive more than DKK 200 million annually in their country frame. In addition to these countries, a group of seven others - Benin, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Egypt, Nepal, Nicaragua and Bolivia - will have annual programmes in the range of DKK 150-175 million. Finally, two programme countries - Kenya and Bhutan - will have quite limited country programmes of DKK 70 million and DKK 65 million, respectively.
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