• Contact Information

    • Name:

      Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD)
    • Postal Address:

      P.O. Box 3056
    • Telephone:

      (233) 21-221234
    • Facsimile:

      (233) 21-220014
    • URL:
    • Director:

      Cletus Apirebila Azangweo
    • Year founded:

  • Collections

    • Type of repository:

    • Types of source material:

      Archival records
      Business records
      Ecclesiastical records
      Government records
      Personal papers
    • Size:

      4.5 million volumes
    • Holdings:

      Our materials include 1. Court records--civil and criminal; 2. Native Affairs--chieftancy and stool matters, customs; 3. Parliamentary debates, treaties and agreements with other countries--ordinances, acts, laws executive and legislative instruments, Gazzettes, bulletins of Gold Coast/Ghana. 4. Decrees of military regimes, constitutions of Ghana, newspapers. 5. Private papers of prominent personalities--pictures of personalities and historical events.

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    • Languages:

      English, Dutch, German
  • Access Conditions

    • Access restrictions:

      30 years

    • Finding tools:

      Accession lists or registers
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  • References:

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