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      Ecclesiastical records
      Government records
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      about 35,000 linear feet
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      The holdings of the National Archives, Enugu Branch include Consular Dispatches (1846-1900), Protectorate Administration Records (1891-1902), records of the Chief Secretary's Office (CSO) 1883-1914, records of the Civil Secretaty Enugu (CSE) 1896-1955, Provincial and District Office records, 1900-1960, local government and Native Administration records, ecclesiastical records and judicial records, records of various ministries and departments. You can obtain detailed information from our <I>Guide to the Sources of Nigeria History: At the National Archives of Nigeria Enugu Branch.</I> (see below)

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    • Access conditions:

      Application for admittance to the National Archivist at least three days before admission is required and should state the applicant's profession or business, his place of residence and the particular purpose for which he seeks admission. Overseas bona fide researchers should present their application upon arrival which must contain particulars of themselves and their research topic. The National Archives of Nigeria charges a registration fee of N 100 for all researchers for the use of the archives.

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      35 years. Access restrictions are, however, not religiously adherred to.

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    • U.O.A. Esse. National Archives of Nigeria, Enugu Branch, Guides, Indices and Finding Aids.