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      Archives for Contemporary Affairs
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      P.O. Box 2320
      9300 Bloemfontein
      South Africa
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      +21 51 401227
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      900 private document collections
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      A full listing of the Archive's holdings is available at

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    • Access conditions:

      Before access is granted to a document collection, the researcher must undertake the following: submit his / her publication to the Institute before publishing or making it public in any way, so that the Institute may ascertain whether any information obtained from the Institute’s collection could be construed as an unjust perception of the donor. use the information collected at the Institute for no purpose other than the purpose and subject indicated on the application form and to obtain the Institute’s written permission before using such information for any other purpose; inform the Institute in writing of any change of address or change of subject; present to the Institute, free of charge, a copy of the publication resulting from the study. The right of admission and the use of the Reading Room is reserved.

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      Research material may only be consulted in the Reading Room. The final decision regarding access to a private document collection is the prerogative of the Director of this Institute.

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