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      Cape Town Archives Repository
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      Private Bag X9025
      8000 Cape Town
      South Africa
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      72 Roeland Street
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      (27) 021 4624050
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      (27) 021 4652960
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      Ms. M. George
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    • Types of source material:

      Archival records
      Business records
      Ecclesiastical records
      Government records
      Personal papers
    • Size:

      25 kilometers
    • Holdings:

      Core holdings: The archives in the custody of the repository are the documentary legacies of offices which functioned during the Administration of the Dutch East India Company,1652-1795; the period of the First British Occupation 1795-1802; the Batavian period, 1803-1806; the British Colonial Period, 1806-1910 and the Union/Republic Period after 1910. The post-1910 archives are principally those of the Cape Provincial Administration, sub-offices of central government departments in the Cape Province and offices of local authorities in the Cape Province (e.g magistrates, offices and offices of local authorities in the Cape Province (e.g. municipalities). Archival groups: Council of Policy, 1651-1795. Court of Justice, 1652-1843. Master of the Supreme Court, Cape Town, 1670-1958. Slave Office, 1789-1845. Colonial Office, 1795-1912. Government House, 1800-1911. Batavian Republic, 1801-1806. Registrar, Supreme Court, Cape Town, 1828-1972. Non Public Records: Sir B D'Urban, 1823-1854 (A519). FS Malan, 1795-1941 (A583). Urban Foundation, 1973-1991 (A2562)<br> Photographic collections: General, Elliot, Jeffreys, Ravenscroft and Steer collections.<br> Microfilms: The Hague, 1602-1946 (ZA). London Missionary Society, 1795-1923, Naional Archives of the Nethrlands (zl) Public Record Office, London, 1795-1910 (ZP).

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      Afrikaans, English, Dutch
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      Register as bona fide researcher.

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      20 years

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      Accession lists or registers
      Card catalogs
      Electronic catalogs
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  • Repository publications:

    • Inventories of individual archival groups
    • Individual lists of maps, photographs, verbatim copies and microfilms.
    • Guide to Non-Public Records in the Cape Town Archives Repository.
    • List of Archivalia in Cape Town Archives Repository. Guide to Arranged Archives in Cape Town Archives Repository