• Contact Information

    • Name:

      National Archives of South Africa
    • Postal Address:

      Private Bag X236
      1 Pretoria
      South Africa
    • Location:

      24 Hamilton Street
    • Telephone:

      (27) 12 3235300
    • Facsimile:

      (27) 12 323-5287
    • E-mail:
    • URL:
    • Director:

      Marie Oliver, National Archivist
    • Year founded:

  • Collections

    • Type of repository:

    • Types of source material:

      Archival records
      Electronic archives
      Government records
      Personal papers
    • Size:

      around 59000 linear metres
    • Holdings:

      The holdings include records of government departments, Commissions of Enquiry, local governments, criminal and court records, non-public records, a photograph collection, cartographic material, pictorial collection, library collection and government publications, literature on archival science, international archival organizations, etc. 1648-1994-

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    • Languages:

      Dutch, English, Afrikaans
  • Access Conditions

    • Access conditions:

      Subject to the provisions of the National Archives of South Africa Act (No. 43 of 1996) , all public records that are 20 years old or older are accessible. Non-public records are accessible unless specified otherwise by the donor. Permission for access to records which are less than 20 years is at the discretion of the National Archivist

    • Access restrictions:

      20 years

    • Finding tools:

      Accession lists or registers
      Card catalogs
      Electronic catalogs
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  • Repository publications: