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      Standard Bank Archives
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      P.O. Box 3124
      2000 Johannesburg
      South Africa
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      cor Simmonds and Frederick Streets
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      (27) 011 6369112; 011 6365235
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      (27) 011 6365384
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      Barbara Conradie
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      Archival records
      Business records
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      900 linear metres
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      Administrative records of the Standard Bank of SA from 1862 to the present, include: South African General Manager's weekly letters to and from Board Directors, London,1863-1971, outlining general economic conditions in the country. Apart from the development of the Bank itself, the insights into political, social and economic events gleaned, give an added, non-official dimension to conditions in South Africa. GM's half yearly (and after 1927 annual) reports to the Board,1885-1975, for the information of shareholders in England, form a virtual narrative of the history of the bank and of South Africa. Inspection reports, 1867-1945, on branches undertaken 12-18 monthly outline routine banking of branch concerned, but also generally on the area service by the branch. Registers of Accounts opened/closed at the various branches contain examples of customer signature up to 1971. No details of customers' accounts of their financial standing are kept. Minutes and papers tabled at the policy-making committee and board meetings, 1953-present, are being indexed on computer for future use. Selection of other departmental records with informational value include staff returns,1863-1991, branch extension surveys, 1977-1994, African Banking Corporation records, 1891-1920, etc.

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      Positive identification

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      40 year closed period

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  • Repository publications:

    • Terry, Carolyn. A Pioneer Bank in a Pioneer Land. 1979, out of print
    • An Historical Overview. outline of Standard Bank Group's history, 1862-1995, brochure
    • Ferreirra Mine Stope. tourist brochure at 1880's gold mine shaft entrance preserved by bank at its Simmonds Street, Johannesburg, head office.
    • Amphlett, GT. History of the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd., 1862-1913. 1914, out of print
    • Mabin, Alan and Conradie, Barbara(ed). The Confidence of the Whole Country : Standard Bank reports on economic conditions in Southern Africa, 1865-1902. 1987, Copies still available,free of charge from email:
    • Henry J.A . The First Hundred Years of the Standard Bank. 1963, out of print