• Contact Information

    • Name:

      University of Buea, Library
    • Postal Address:

      Buea, South-West Province
    • Location:

      PO Box 63
    • Telephone:

      +237 32-21-34; 32 26 90; 32 27 06
    • Facsimile:

      +237 43-25-08
    • E-mail:
    • Director:

      Rosemary Shafack
    • Year founded:

  • Collections

    • Type of repository:

    • Types of source material:

      Archival records
      Business records
      Ecclesiastical records
      Government records
      Grey literature
    • Size:

      8 square metres.
    • Holdings:

      We have a collection of key Cameroonian newspapers in English and French. We also have a collection of some personal primary documents from governmental sources and manuscripts donated to the Library. We also have a collection of publications of the University of Buea since 1993. We are in the process of building a Cameroonian collection.

    • Receiving new material?

    • Languages:

      English and French
  • Access Conditions

    • Access conditions:

      All users of primary documents have to either be registered members or apply for permission to use the library.

    • Access restrictions:

      All archival documents can only be consulted in the library. Such materials can not be checked out of the library.

    • Finding tools:

      Accession lists or registers
      Card catalogs
    • Copier available?:

  • Repository publications: